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Admission information for the 5 - year course in Bachelor in Architecture.

Course Structure
CTESCOA offers a five year degree programme, recognized by the Council of Architecture (COA) and the University of Mumbai.The overall course structure is formulated within the framework of the Mumbai University Syllabus. The course is broadly divided into three categories that are interdependent:

  • History & Theory
  • Design
  • Technology

Subjects include

  • Architectural Design
  • Allied Design including Interior Design, Landscape Design, Visual Design, Basic Design, Urban Design etc.
  • Architectural Representation & Detailing
  • Building Materials & Construction
  • Environmental Studies
  • Structural Design
  • History of Culture & Architecture
  • Professional Practice
  • Architectural Theory

The course includes a practical training in Semester VIII through internship in a professional office. At the end of the internship a viva-voce is conducted by external examiners of University of Mumbai.

The course culminates with a Design Dissertation as a part of the University course structure. 

Apart from the mandatory courses several extra-curricular courses and activities are offered under Electives and College Projects.

Electives include:

  • Photography
  • Communication Skills
  • Apparel Design
  • Origami
  • Street Art
  • Art of Illustration
  • AutoCAD
  • Carpentry
  • Revit Architecture

At CTESCoA we believe in engaging ourselves with the communities and study the city we live in through studying Social, Cultural, Economic and Envionmental characteristics. For this we have introduced Discovery of Mumbai as a part of College Project, where the students visit a part of Mumbai and study in detail.

Periodically, Guest lectures are organised, where practitioners from various fields of culture and technology are invited by the college to present their work and discuss with students.

Study trips are organised every year for Years 1-4. The study undertaken is then integrated into the design projects. 

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