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Understanding the Past -> Interpreting the Present  -> Shaping the Future

1. The CTES College of Architecture aspires to be a Premier Institution in the field of Architectural Education, which encompasses the related disciplines impacting the Built Environment.

2. It  is a Centre for Excellence in imparting  Skills, Knowledge and Wisdom to make young Men and Women responsible Professionals in a fast progressing Society. High Standards in Academic pursuits are strived for, which can be applied in actual practice.

3. There is  a focus on Holistic Understanding of the Habitat needs of all sections of society, through studying the Social, Cultural, Economic  and Environmental characteristics.

4. Humane  and Sustainable  Design is emphasised keeping in mind the Global view on the Environment as well as Local tradition , Climate, Ecology and Economy.   The Curriculum incorporates various related and relevant subjects that goes beyond the conventional, and offer wide choice.

5. It provides a platform for Dialogue between the various related Disciplines and Professionals, National and International, as also between Professionals and the general Public, thus creating greater awareness of the role and importance of the Profession. Lectures, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions and Conferences will be regularly organised for the benefit of the Students as well as the Community.

6. It is a centre for Research, Documentation and Dissemination of Knowledge of the Built Environment. Public Oriented Projects are taken up by the Institute.

7. Set in Chembur, with its History and Culture, the School engages itself with the community and plays a  significant role in the development of  a vision for the betterment of the citizens.

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